pikachu dancing

Pikachu Dancing to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'

OMFG Pokémon and Thriller are the most perfect. mashup. ever. 😂

Posted by Fandom on Friday, June 9, 2017

Prerelease Tournament Overview


FUN!! This is a relaxed tournament format that gives players a chance to get a look at the newest set of cards before they are released to the general public.

Usually 1-2 weeks before the set is available for sale in stores.

The main event is $35.00

Side events are cheaper, $30.00 (but you have to play in the main event to qualify)


What you get:

A starter deck and 4 packs of cards of the set plus a promo card. After the tournament you get 3 more packs.



What Happens:
The format is Modified limited. Players are given a starter deck and 4 packs of cards and build a 40 card deck with a 30 minute time limit. Basic energy cards are supplied separately and should be returned at the end of the tournament. You may use only the pokemon and trainers/supporters in the booster packs that you open. No trading until after the tournament. One difference is that if you have more than four copies of a card you can put them all in your deck if you wish. After the players deck is built a tournament is played using the decks, with 3 prize cards and a 20 minute time limit.  When the tournament is completed players return their energy cards and receive another 3 packs.

If you are not an experienced deck builder the judges are available to help!


Side event formats: Either the same as the main event



Players choose 6 pokemon they wish to battle in the thunderdome from either packs or a starter deck depending on availability. Each player has a 20 card energy deck. All six Pokemon are placed face down in a row in front of each player. Up to six players at a thunderdome. High die roll determines who plays first. On your turn you draw from your energy deck and attach to any one of your pokemon. You can attack if you have the energy requirement. You may attack with more than one pokemon if you have the energy requirement. You may attack any other player. You may attack different palyers in the same turn. The winner is the player with the last remaining pokemon. Sounds complicated? Its not!!! It is a blast!!!!